I don’t mind

        the drips, the drops,
        the spills, and leaks, and stains,

        the holes, the rips,

        the bumps, and bruises, 
        the scratches, and scars,

        the shards, and pieces. 

        Mistakes are full of beauty.

and took a Chance 

This will give me a Chance 

Give you the Chance to 

Do I get a Chance to speak? 

With every Chance 

Every Chance you get 

you have a Chance

You get one more Chance. 

Any Chance you could drop everything, 

By any Chance? 

No Chance. 

No Chance? 

No Chance. 

No Chance! 

Can’t chance that. 

It would be the perfect Chance to 

Chances of success 

Take the risk or loose the Chance 

If they, if they have a Chance 

I’ve had a Chance to rethink 

There’s a small Chance 

worth taking the Chance

It’s a Chance to take 

Create a lot of Chances 

We’ve got a Chance over there 

He saw his Chance 

She met by Chance

At least give it a Chance 

Besteht auch noch die Chance, dass 

Wie stehen die Chancen, dass

when you’ve had a Chance to work on it 

had the Chance to do 

Why I lept at the Chance 

They jump at the Chance 

That Chance is not coming, 
you have to catch it

How there is no Chance that 

What are the Chances? 

Chances are.

There is a Chance.