Sophie Leyendecker


“Sitting in a train, looking out the window, watching passing landscapes. A typical moment to pull out my camera, and take a picture. As a photographer, I am giving away the power of choosing what enters and leaves the frame. As a romantic, I am attempting to create a connection to a landscape I am merely passing through.” 

  – “Chances are. What is the mechanism of that box?” (2021)

Once removed from its context, what has been framed starts to speak. Photographic series find their sequences within books and installations – often in context with text, scans, and the objet trouvé. Assembled, the work revolves around borderlessness and interconnection, and is concerned with globalization and acceleration.  

Sophie Leyendecker (*1997, in Cologne) is a Documentary Photographer
based between dem Rheinland and het Rijnland.

2022-2023 – AnyFrame Lijstenmakerij, The Hague

2017-2021 – Documentary Photography, Bachelor of Arts,
                         Royal Academy of Art, KABK, The Hague

2016-2017 – Fine Arts and Design, Preparatory Year,
                         Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

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