Sophie Leyendecker


Catching my gaze at the stream of the river, at the road towards the sunset, at lovers initials scratched into stone. My camera is floating through every-day-life, through spaces both private and public. Guided by intuition over ration, yet choosing for an optimistic gaze. 

Once removed from its context, what has been framed starts to speak. Photographic series find their sequences within books and installations, often in context with the object trouvé. Assembled, the work revolves around borderlessness and interconnection, around globalization and acceleration within a newly found freedom.  

Sophie Leyendecker is a Documentary Photographer
based between dem Rheinland and het Rijnland.

2022-2023 – AnyFrame Lijstenmakerij, The Hague

2017-2021 – Documentary Photography, Bachelor of Arts,
                         Royal Academy of Art, KABK, The Hague

2016-2017 – Fine Arts and Design, Preparatory Year,
                         Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

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or on Instagram @endecker

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